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                Trophy Deer Sales

Here at Whitetails Live we have 300"+ Genetics throughout our herd.   We offer great does bred to great bucks to create an excellent genetic opportunity for giant whitetails.  We offer breeder bucks and breeder does.  

Our farm is different than most other top quality farms in Michigan.  Our deer are the calmest farm deer because they are always around people. We take great pride in our deer and care for them as if they were one of the family.  Not only do you get great genetics and proven breeding, but you get the calming effect that Whitetails Live instills in the herd.  

We offer several options for buying and owning your own deer.  We will help you design your own facility and walk you through the State of Michigan permit process.  When you buy your deer from Whitetails Live you get our knowledge and advise for as long as you want it, FREE.  


We offer a buying and boarding package for anyone who wants to own there own deer, but do not have the facility to have your own deer.  The cost of a deer depends on several factors.  Genetics, age, and size are the variables for valuing bucks.  Doe are valued by genetics, age, and whether pregnant or not when purchased.  

There will be two prices available for purchasing deer that we will be boarding for you.  

Full Ownership and Partial Ownership:  Full ownership is just that, you own the deer and all breeding rights to that deer.  Partial ownership means you own the deer and Whitetails Live retains breeding rights to that deer. 

Boarding fees for are 2.00 per day.  This includes feeding, watering, and worming. Also free access to see your deer and interact with your deer is included.   

Give us a call or stop in to discuss all the options available to get your deer farm started.    989-426-9007 or 989-429-1730 or 989-424-9169

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