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About Us

Whitetails Live was conceived out of Kyle and Hillary's mutual love for the Whitetail deer.   They met in 1995 at a deer camp in Gladwin County.  After fourteen years apart, they found each other again and the idea for Whitetails Live was born.  Kyle and Hillary have three wonderful children, Kyler, Aspin, and Owen, who can be found participating in every aspect of the family's business. 

April 2012 - Whitetails Live opened. Kyle and Hillary bought four expecting does and Whitetails Live was off and running.  Nelly, Scarlet, Diana, and Lucy each gave birth to two fawns in the Spring of 2012.  

Roscoe was the first buck born.  He was bottle fed so that Whitetails Live customers would be able to enjoy a buck up close and personal.  Also that spring, three other buck fawns and four doe fawns were born.  All four doe fawns were bottle fed, which allows customers to have direct contact with them.

2013-  Three doe fawns and three buck fawns born. Again, the doe fawns were bottle fed, with the help of Whitetails Live patrons.  

2014- Ten doe fawns and 3 bucks graced the pens at Whitetails Live.  With the loss of our beloved Roscoe in August of 2014, his first born buck fawn RJ was bottle fed to fill Roscoe's shoes.

2015- 18 fawns are anticipated at WTL.

Thank you for taking the time to read about  us and the farm, and we look forward to sharing our herd/family with you soon. -Kyle and Hillary